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Pet Loader Light

Pet Loader Light
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Pet Loader Light
All Pet Loader® models will hold up to 150 lbs., assuring the safety of all pets. The Pet Loader Light is made of a lightweight plastic and offered in 3 different sizes. The incline adjusts to pet and vehicles. Ideal for SUVs, trucks, trailers. The platform is 16" wide.

3 step - For heights from 16" to 20" - 18 lbs
4 step - For heights from 20" to 30" - 24 lbs
5 step - For heights from 28" to 40" - 29 lbs

How to Choose:

To help you choose the Pet Loader that will best suit you, consider the appropriate size for your dog, vehicle and use. The following information will help you with that choice in more detail.


Models differ primarily in platform (step) material and width of the platform. Our Pet Loader Light and XL have rugged plastic platforms, which are more rugged, and weigh more.

Extension Height:

Besides platform material, choose the number of steps 3, 4 or 5, that is right for for the height of your vehicle. Measure vehicle from the pavement to where your pet will enter the vehicle such as the cargo floor, seat, truck bed, etc. then see our height chart below. Keep in mind the opening width, especially for passenger door openings, as they tend to be more narrow.

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